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XL Laminating Pouches for Ledco XL Laminators

The Ledco line of XL laminators are designed to help you produce wide format laminating using a pouch laminator (instead of a roll laminator). If you are using a Ledco XL laminator, you are going to want to use some of our XL laminating pouches. These pouches, made by Ledco, are designed to be used with Ledco's line of XL laminators. We offer these pouches in packs of 25 sheets. These laminating pouches have a glossy finish and a crystal clear quality to them, which looks very professional. Simply place the item you're laminating into the XL pouch and feed the pouch into the XL laminator. The process is extremely fast and remarkably easy. Ledco uses the finest glue and plastic in their pouch film manufacturing process. Lock in this great low price and buy yours today!

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